Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Did I tell you about Sarah?

I met her while it was raining and the power was out. She was sitting outside the guest house

waiting for the rain to stop before walking to her home outside the orphanage. She was drenched, shoeless and very shy. I brought her inside to put a pair of the soccer shoes on her that we brought with us. Looked all thru the big box and found a RED pair and her eyes brightened up! She went around the room to all of us and knelt down and said thank you. Have I told you all this before? Anyway, to make a wonderful 2 days short...I met her Aunt who has Aids, visited her hut, tested her for malaria/gave her the meds, and visited Uncle Fred up on the hill. She kept taking my hand as we walked and looked me over with a microscope! Checked out my old age spots, mole on my face, took my hat off to see my hair, asked me about my favorite foods, told me about her family and then as we walked said..."Auntie, Jesus is my Dad & I trust he will take care of me." Let me tell you, I WAS SPEECHLESS. This 10 yr old was sharing her trust in God. There with parents gone, an aunt getting ready to die... she was hanging onto her faith that God would take care of her.

It sure made me look at myself....Can't I also just take each day with the many challenges, and trust in God? Why all the nonsense of figuring things out?

I spent the most precious time with Sarah. I asked the orphanage if I could be her sponsor but was told she has one. BUT then Roger told me that he is friends with her aunt and bingo there is my connection. Evidently the auntie just got home from the hospital where she had her uterus removed. No money.Guess who is stuck with the bill? Roger cause he was took her for the help.

If any of you are looking for a way to make a difference I encourage you to look at the New Hope website and support them however whenever you can. The people there are doing so much for the orphaned homeless children.

Anyone want to go help in their maze mill? Teach classes to the older kids helping them learn a skill? Help in the baby house take care of the infants? Build at Masana Camp so the outreach can be strong and present there in those tiny villages? Find a dentist to go for a few weeks?

Pay for school books?

We in the U.S. have more than we need.



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  1. Sue,
    Why is it that everytime I read your blog I cry.
    I really want to we will talk when you get back so you can tell me how!
    All my love,