Thursday, March 4, 2010



I am home and trying to adjust to the fast pace, abundance of food, water and conveniences.

I started taking the malaria cure I bought in Uganda as I am feeling lousey!

If anyone wants to make a donation heres the address:

You can stipulate how you would like the money used-

Completion of Baby House
Completion of Medical Clinic
Building at the Masana Camp (its the outreach to the tiny villages)
Staff Salaries (big need with economy so down)

Thanks again for the financial support that so many of you provided.
The church will be sending over $1,000 to New Hope next week.

Much Love

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Did I tell you about Sarah?

I met her while it was raining and the power was out. She was sitting outside the guest house

waiting for the rain to stop before walking to her home outside the orphanage. She was drenched, shoeless and very shy. I brought her inside to put a pair of the soccer shoes on her that we brought with us. Looked all thru the big box and found a RED pair and her eyes brightened up! She went around the room to all of us and knelt down and said thank you. Have I told you all this before? Anyway, to make a wonderful 2 days short...I met her Aunt who has Aids, visited her hut, tested her for malaria/gave her the meds, and visited Uncle Fred up on the hill. She kept taking my hand as we walked and looked me over with a microscope! Checked out my old age spots, mole on my face, took my hat off to see my hair, asked me about my favorite foods, told me about her family and then as we walked said..."Auntie, Jesus is my Dad & I trust he will take care of me." Let me tell you, I WAS SPEECHLESS. This 10 yr old was sharing her trust in God. There with parents gone, an aunt getting ready to die... she was hanging onto her faith that God would take care of her.

It sure made me look at myself....Can't I also just take each day with the many challenges, and trust in God? Why all the nonsense of figuring things out?

I spent the most precious time with Sarah. I asked the orphanage if I could be her sponsor but was told she has one. BUT then Roger told me that he is friends with her aunt and bingo there is my connection. Evidently the auntie just got home from the hospital where she had her uterus removed. No money.Guess who is stuck with the bill? Roger cause he was took her for the help.

If any of you are looking for a way to make a difference I encourage you to look at the New Hope website and support them however whenever you can. The people there are doing so much for the orphaned homeless children.

Anyone want to go help in their maze mill? Teach classes to the older kids helping them learn a skill? Help in the baby house take care of the infants? Build at Masana Camp so the outreach can be strong and present there in those tiny villages? Find a dentist to go for a few weeks?

Pay for school books?

We in the U.S. have more than we need.



Monday, March 1, 2010

Tiny Village Medical Outreach Pictures

I am holding Malikai who lives at Masana
with parents. Roger with hat is the RN who runs
the clinic & escaped from Congo.
The pics give you an idea of the numerous
people who came for help.
Aren't the faces wonderful? They were soooo

Juliette is 17 -She and her Grandmother live at the orphanage.

The little baby belongs to the couple who are

building the camp!

Masana Camp sits above the fishing village

We stayed in tents & traveled to the little villages. Here are some of the pictures

This was the most powerful


London & Great Team

Steve Alexander,Brittany Knapp,Stacy Silva,Kalee Larson, Darla Gibson, Jerry Libolt,Greg Visser, Jim Bajema


Sunday, February 28, 2010

London Layover

Tomorrow we will be in London for 8 hrs and I am going to try to put some of my pictures on this!
Happy Days

Friday, February 26, 2010

Goodmorning Americans!
It is SAturday...we leave here tomorrow to begin our journey home....YIPEE!!!

Yesterday was more time at the clinic. I spent some time with Auntie Betty in the donation room
also. This is where the children come when they need shoes, clothes etc. I had a look at their choices
of items to wear. Not so good compared to our standards.

When I went back to the guest house it was still pouring rain. On the sidewalk sitting out of the rain
was a young girl. I smiled and went about my business for a while. After an hour or so I was worried that she needed something so took her to the kitchen and had one of the ladies ask her if
everything was ok. She was trying to stay out of the rain before she walked home to a small
village about 20 min away. She had no shoes, was drenched and had these eyes that called to me!
About an hour later with new RED soccer shoes, my red fleece that Monica gave me, a quilt I had
brought from a 2nd hand store, & my tiny pillow we began walking towards her home.
I found out her father is dead, she has a brother name John and she lives with her auntie that is 56 years old...HER NAME IS SARAH! She kept getting on her knees and thanking us for what we could provide. I fell in Love Love love....I have been meeting so many children and looking for a connection with one that I could carry on. I truly believe God put her in my path.
Today I am going to her home and I plan to sponsor her as she continues to come here to New Hope for school. What a gift I have been given! She speaks and writes good english so this should be
really wonderful.
I can't wait to hug my friends and family.xxxxooo
Thank you for the messages you have sent me on this blog and email.
They have meant the world.
Lots of Love

Here in New Hope if you are a woman of MY AGE ...grandma age! You are called a JA JA
yea, I have had a wonderful experience being JA JA Sue


We have been without electricity for quite a long time. Haven't been able to look for malaria under the microscope! The slides wait and people are sick hoping for an answer. One of my team
has malaria and man o man is she sick. It takes 7-9 days after the bite for it to hit you. I'm bringing home some medicine in case it gets me later!

So, I have been looking for a child to sponsor. I am thinking of a young little one so Casey and Mikayla can share with me.

Yesterday I was visiting one of the family units watching as the young guys hooked up the 2 oxen and plowed some of their field. That was hard work. The little girls wanted to show me the WHITE ANTS....???? They brought me a bowl of wet large ants that they were eating. Yep-
and then showed me the bowl of the live ones- I tried to use good manners but of course my
facial expressions told my story and before long we were all laughing and squeeling!

The people here are so committed to a deep and growing relationship with God. One of the young fellas (25) spent time with us teaching how God has been passionate about the care of
widows and orphans since the time of Moses. I was in awe as he took us thru the old and new testament. I need to learn more.

My head is spinning with questions and thoughts as to how I can bring home what I have learned and change things in my own life. I have realized that I can be a comfortable christian ....or perhaps truly use my heart and hands to reach out and make a difference.
Once again... go buy CRAZY LOVE and see what it says to you.

Lots of Love

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hi Friends
I am feeling kinda homesick today. Tired from being in the van for 9 hrs...Don't think I am complaining cuz I am not! We drove a long ways to see: girafe,elephants,warthogs,water buffalo, tons of hippo,alligator,baboons, a lion, jackal,leopard, water buck...and here's one for you to look up....MONITOR LIZARD
While on the safari a few of us needed to stop for a quick potty in the bush. I picked a safe looking tree only to have this HUGE monitor lizard crawl out and scare me to death!
The animals were amazing. I enjoyed most the elephant and baby that came right up to the lodge and stood eating about 10 feet from me!
It was quite an experience. We rode for a few hours up the Nile River. Really, I simply can't believe it.
I shared a room with a gal my age last night. She is from South Dakota and has been here 10 yrs and has a house and this is home. I asked her a lot of questions and I am pretty sure that if I decide to come back I can stay with her. Why would I want to come back?
1. Bring enough $ to buy books for those 2 villages and take them to the villages and spend some time helping the teacher get organized.
2. Figure out a way that we could have a well put in so the 2 schools could have water- Of course you know I wouldn't do the figuring out- some of you could though!
3. Do some more outreach medically in those type of villages

Anyway- There's lots to think about.

Tomorrow Darla Gibson & I will report to the New Hope Clinic to help out. The usual staff has been working for days without time off so we will cover! Whoopee! Let me give you a visual on this clinic.... They have built it out of bricks & have about 12 rooms connecting to a long hall. It has a roof and cement floor AND THAT IS IT...2 rooms are useable. The rest of it looks like a forgotten bldg...why? No money. They only need about 2,000 to finish. Pretty cheap. Anyone want to donate? No water or toilets in yet.
I went over to Rogers(Row jay) house yesterday. He has chickens and its a tidy little brick place. He has NO WATER or TOILET...
So, all of you can smile cuz he is getting estimates this week. The money you donated is going to give him a water tank (they collect rain water) and eliminate the outhouse.
Oh, some of the pit toilets are simply cement slabs with a hole. Try squatting over it. It's not easy and its gross to boot. I couldnt do it too many times. Actually the one time is enough!
My sister Laurie needs to return with me. I am telling you Lor...these kids and this place is
calling your name! I am loving the soft curley hair and their black skin is so soft and sweet.
We have been eating so much. The food has been great. Tonight- Mashed potaotes they call-
Irish meal, stew, pineapple, banana cake, oh and usually collard greens and egg plant. This isn't what they eat.
The family units grow their veggies and then trade between themselves.

Up north from here they have just opened a facility for the children who were involved with the war activity. Many of the kids are children soldiers who were trained to kill and have killed their families. Some actually had to eat pieces of their loved ones. Here is a challenge for my friend Erika and son Rob! xxxxooo

I am developing the neatest friendships.
But am missing you at home.

Dear Mikayla....I love You more than the OCEAN! Nonee
Keep reading books!

Love to All

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday New Hope Childrens Center

Ok...Hi All
I actually have gotten on the computer within 5 min...the connection here is lousey and when you have 3 people waiting it's even hard to think. There isn't enough power to send my pictures and I am sorry about that. The things I have been seeing and experiencing have been so incredible.
Here is something I haven't told you. We saw about 700 people total in the 3 days we were in the tiny villages. The first outreach was held in the center of the TINY village. One shop where you could buy a warm coke, posho, beans and peanuts. It was the size of a TINY bedroom.
I will tell you the warm coke was great and the peanuts too.
We had a very old woman and man drunk and raising a big rukus while the crowd was patiently
waiting. We had so many sick babies. Adult with terrible illnesses that they have had for years.
The third day we traveled ( I rode on top of the big jeep holding onto the luggage rack) to a village and saw the people in the school. The windows have bars on them and we had kids watching us all day long. We went outside and played with the kids. I gave out stickers to those who could name the item in English! They are tested in english but have NO ENGLISH school books....actually no SCHOOL BOOKS at all. They were the poorest of the poor., now that I am in Kasana I have been looking around thinking and wondering if I might
find a place to spend more time. I would love to come back for 3 months if I can be used in the remote places and know that I am really making a difference.
Tonight we all split up and went to a different family unit to visit. It was loads of fun as they taught us some games and we taught them a couple songs and games as well. Lots of laughing and we all danced as the kids played the drums. The children were trying to teach us to dance with rhythm- ha ha
One of the young boys had traveled with us and had been working with Dr. Steve doing the interpretting and so I was with his family. He is 18 and I keep telling him I LOVE YOU NATE
and by the time we left his whole unit was saying it and it was fun!

Tomorrow we have church and then I am walking to the village close by that has a hospital that I hear I can work in. I plan to spend a couple days there next week and also a couple days working the Roger (the onsite nurse) here at the center. Roger has escaped from the CONGO.
He has been here for 9 years. The day the killing happened in the congo he was at work in the hospital. The soldiers came in and killed all the patients, physicians etc. He climbed up into the attic and stayed there for 4 days. He is married to a wonderful young woman and has 2 little kids! I went to their home this morning and surprised his daughter with one of the cute quilts that you sent Mom! The little girl was thrilled.
Pictures will have to wait till I get home.
Mon/Tues we are off to see elephants, lions and alligators!
The rest of the week back here helping.
Oh I forgot to tell you a story.
After the 2nd day of working in the first tiny village doing the medical stuff I asked if anyone would like to walk home with me. The darling 18 yr old blonde, Kalee accepted. Now, I need to tell you. One of the men had told all that he would sell all his cows if she would come with him!
Everyone was ga ga over her.
so we take off walking and go about 50 min and realize that we are lost. We have one hour till it gets dark and know we need to get to safety. We met women and children and asked them to help us but they just smiled. Our plan is to make it back to the village and just be out of the bush so we aren't targets. I am visualizing how I will need to protect her. Who is going to go after a the old woman?
Meanwhile our team realized we are lost and find locals to help find us. A man shows up on a scooter and ah ha...he is our friend! We have to both get behind him and hold on side saddle over all the ruts and bumps. It was a hoot and I will tell you I was very grateful to him.
Today I took off with a gal I met and was late for dinner. Tomorrow I better try hard to behave.! Being here at this center is alittle confining. Lots of rules and I don't think I could stay here and not have my rebellious side stay under control!
Another young gal went with us on the medical outreach. I went to meet her Grandma and see her hut last night. I surprised her! Found my way in the dark! Her Grandmother and I had quite a talk. She asked me about my feelings of homosexuals. The government here is trying to pass a law that if someone is gay they are to be killed. Grandma Betty is horrified with that but there are many others who are not.
We have been reading together a book that I would encourage you to purchase and slowly read. It is pretty challenging. It is called CRAZY LOVE by Francis Chan. Talk about looking at what kind of christian we we live our lives....

Love to All of You

Robbie Schene- I am SO SORRY about your friend. A big hug.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fri 19th

Hi Gang
We just finished 3 days of providing medical services to 2 tiny primitive villages. It has been totally humbling in every way. We had all ages sitting & waiting /200 people
TONS OF MALARIA and all kinds of other stuff.
I collected the blood samples and did the easy malaria testing! We had stations set up for the
Dr & 2 nurses. I will have to send you pics and more tomorrow if I can get on a computer.
We drove all day to the New Hope Orphanage and will now begin doing things here. I am going
to the hospital and work a bit.
People are waiting in line to use computer.
I love You
Hi Mikayla & Casey

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Hi loved ones
What can I say? Where do I begin? The ride up to the camp was on a small dirt road in the forest. We passed tiny groups of poeple who were at their shops (huts and homes) Like a bike shop, electronics, food
Now- Picture a hut with letters on it and a bunch of men fixing things or hanging dirt everywhere. All kinds of vegetation and trees up the mountain. Even some beautiful meadows. Cows and goats tied up here and there. Kids running out to wave at the bus, dirty faces, torn dirty clothes and homes made of stick and mud and then some nicer ones about the size of a bedroom with brick and even windows and door. The camp sits on top of the mtn and looks out to lake louise. Much like looking out at the san juans. BEAUTIFUL...right now the couple is developing relationships with the villages and cleaning up te land for some building. They hope to use this as a camp that men/sons, mothers/daughters and families can come and rest, learn about God and do retreat like things. The first group is arriving next week for a small retreat. Tents are all they have. One outhouse much like you would find on a backpacking trip.

Now...I dont know if I have the words to describe my walk down to a small fishing village last night. By village I mean...Huts made of scraps of wood like you would throw together if you were stuck in the forest. It is on the beach. Ladies were drying smelt. Children Ran naked, filth everywhere, women laying around and men watching us closely. These people are on the property that was just bought and need to move. They really have nothing. The men have wooden fishing boats and its overwhelming. I cant describe the poverty, kids ran up with shy faces, huge smiles and one little boy reached up and grabbed me for a hug. I was with a gal who had candy so the kids were happy. One father got very angry. So today we are organizing for 3 days of medical clinics in 2 villages much like I just described. We are hoping these people will see that our hearts are open, not a threat.
Ok thats all for now.
No access here I am being priviledged to share.
They people are tyring to build encourage healthy Godly families. the men now are pretty harsh and controlling. Very little teaching of how to be a loving father to their children or loving husband.
More later
we have it so good
I love you,

Goodmorning from Entebbe
It is very warm and sticky- Lots of gnats in bed with me this a.m....not much sleep had-
So far it reminds me of Mexico but cleaner. People have friendly. The first friends name is
FAROOK...just like King Farook!
I will send more when I get on with the purpose.
We leave this a.m. for the medical outreach.
Love to All

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

24 Hours Before

The excitement is mounting! Tomorrow is take off.

I have to tell all of you about the GOOD HEARTED,GENEROUS people that are EVERYWHERE!

I received enough supplies from Cascade Medical Group in Mt.Vernon to fill my car. And don't
think cuz I drive a Cooper that there wasn't much. It was incredible! Then there's all the things
that friends have gone out and purchased on their own. Blankets,quilts, and everyday meds we can purchase at the store. The Hilltop Pharmacy in Mt.V gave prescription antibiotics...WOW!

So, today I get out a bigger suitcase and figure out how to get the latest donations to Africa.
Steve Alexander,the physician I am traveling with, has over a dozen bins packed! Thank you
again all you wonderful people!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Hope Orphanage/Medical Outreach

Humbly and Full of the Love that I have received from so many of family & friends.
I gather the essentials and get ready to PASS IT ALL FORWARD!
5 days till we leave!
This is a picture of the wonderful females from Christ the Servant Lutheran Church that came to Sally Holloways for dinner! What a fun & special send off they gave me!