Wednesday, February 10, 2010

24 Hours Before

The excitement is mounting! Tomorrow is take off.

I have to tell all of you about the GOOD HEARTED,GENEROUS people that are EVERYWHERE!

I received enough supplies from Cascade Medical Group in Mt.Vernon to fill my car. And don't
think cuz I drive a Cooper that there wasn't much. It was incredible! Then there's all the things
that friends have gone out and purchased on their own. Blankets,quilts, and everyday meds we can purchase at the store. The Hilltop Pharmacy in Mt.V gave prescription antibiotics...WOW!

So, today I get out a bigger suitcase and figure out how to get the latest donations to Africa.
Steve Alexander,the physician I am traveling with, has over a dozen bins packed! Thank you
again all you wonderful people!


  1. Sue,
    This is so heart is pounding for you as I feel like I am on the trip with you!
    I am so excited for your next post!

  2. hey madre! Cant believe you are gone and your trip is already happening! Thinkng about you and hoping your layover in London is wonderful and you get the energy to go explore! See you in Africa! Love ya!

  3. MOM!!!!!!! We miss you already!!!!! What is happening?!????? Going to take Ellie on a hike with me tomorrow :)! Love you, love you and i can't wait to hear from you!!!!

  4. Hey how are you. Sure will miss you this week!!!!!

  5. Good to hear from you!! Syann read us your e-mail. So glad your having fun. You may need some of those antibiotics. I'm on them now. They really worked. Be careful and keep having a good time.

  6. Still missing you at work! Hope things are going good for you. Maybe we'll hear from you tomorrow. You must be very busy. Things are real slow here today.