Friday, February 26, 2010


We have been without electricity for quite a long time. Haven't been able to look for malaria under the microscope! The slides wait and people are sick hoping for an answer. One of my team
has malaria and man o man is she sick. It takes 7-9 days after the bite for it to hit you. I'm bringing home some medicine in case it gets me later!

So, I have been looking for a child to sponsor. I am thinking of a young little one so Casey and Mikayla can share with me.

Yesterday I was visiting one of the family units watching as the young guys hooked up the 2 oxen and plowed some of their field. That was hard work. The little girls wanted to show me the WHITE ANTS....???? They brought me a bowl of wet large ants that they were eating. Yep-
and then showed me the bowl of the live ones- I tried to use good manners but of course my
facial expressions told my story and before long we were all laughing and squeeling!

The people here are so committed to a deep and growing relationship with God. One of the young fellas (25) spent time with us teaching how God has been passionate about the care of
widows and orphans since the time of Moses. I was in awe as he took us thru the old and new testament. I need to learn more.

My head is spinning with questions and thoughts as to how I can bring home what I have learned and change things in my own life. I have realized that I can be a comfortable christian ....or perhaps truly use my heart and hands to reach out and make a difference.
Once again... go buy CRAZY LOVE and see what it says to you.

Lots of Love

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