Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hi Friends
I am feeling kinda homesick today. Tired from being in the van for 9 hrs...Don't think I am complaining cuz I am not! We drove a long ways to see: girafe,elephants,warthogs,water buffalo, tons of hippo,alligator,baboons, a lion, jackal,leopard, water buck...and here's one for you to look up....MONITOR LIZARD
While on the safari a few of us needed to stop for a quick potty in the bush. I picked a safe looking tree only to have this HUGE monitor lizard crawl out and scare me to death!
The animals were amazing. I enjoyed most the elephant and baby that came right up to the lodge and stood eating about 10 feet from me!
It was quite an experience. We rode for a few hours up the Nile River. Really, I simply can't believe it.
I shared a room with a gal my age last night. She is from South Dakota and has been here 10 yrs and has a house and this is home. I asked her a lot of questions and I am pretty sure that if I decide to come back I can stay with her. Why would I want to come back?
1. Bring enough $ to buy books for those 2 villages and take them to the villages and spend some time helping the teacher get organized.
2. Figure out a way that we could have a well put in so the 2 schools could have water- Of course you know I wouldn't do the figuring out- some of you could though!
3. Do some more outreach medically in those type of villages

Anyway- There's lots to think about.

Tomorrow Darla Gibson & I will report to the New Hope Clinic to help out. The usual staff has been working for days without time off so we will cover! Whoopee! Let me give you a visual on this clinic.... They have built it out of bricks & have about 12 rooms connecting to a long hall. It has a roof and cement floor AND THAT IS IT...2 rooms are useable. The rest of it looks like a forgotten bldg...why? No money. They only need about 2,000 to finish. Pretty cheap. Anyone want to donate? No water or toilets in yet.
I went over to Rogers(Row jay) house yesterday. He has chickens and its a tidy little brick place. He has NO WATER or TOILET...
So, all of you can smile cuz he is getting estimates this week. The money you donated is going to give him a water tank (they collect rain water) and eliminate the outhouse.
Oh, some of the pit toilets are simply cement slabs with a hole. Try squatting over it. It's not easy and its gross to boot. I couldnt do it too many times. Actually the one time is enough!
My sister Laurie needs to return with me. I am telling you Lor...these kids and this place is
calling your name! I am loving the soft curley hair and their black skin is so soft and sweet.
We have been eating so much. The food has been great. Tonight- Mashed potaotes they call-
Irish meal, stew, pineapple, banana cake, oh and usually collard greens and egg plant. This isn't what they eat.
The family units grow their veggies and then trade between themselves.

Up north from here they have just opened a facility for the children who were involved with the war activity. Many of the kids are children soldiers who were trained to kill and have killed their families. Some actually had to eat pieces of their loved ones. Here is a challenge for my friend Erika and son Rob! xxxxooo

I am developing the neatest friendships.
But am missing you at home.

Dear Mikayla....I love You more than the OCEAN! Nonee
Keep reading books!

Love to All


  1. Sue: enjoying reading blog. What an out of body experience to be out of one's comfort zone...and this is about as remote as it can get. I'll be anxious to hear more about the medical facilities / work they do when you return. Don't you know now how your life will never be the same. The daffodils are beginning to bloom so thank you for that treat. The narcissus I planted should be just popping their heads out on your return. Travel safely and with purity in your heart. Mary Ann

  2. What a great time you are having! I'm glad to hear you are not getting lost and you even roomed with someone...so much for the snoring anxiety! We are anxiously awaiting your return, checking your blog daily and knowing God is using you as one of his tools to show compassion. Great job Sue!

  3. It feels like you have been gone forever. I'm missing you lots, but love reading your blog, and realize how much of yourself you are leaving behind there, and how much needs to be done. I'm proud of you. Keep working and writing.


  4. Dear friend. I am sending you a giant friend hug to help you with the homesickness! Sounds like you are making such a difference. Your blogs keep me close to you! Pee

  5. Hi Sue!!!
    All I can say is WOW...it sounds like you are having a trip of a lifetime and you make me want to go so bad. Just think how much everyone appreciates and loves you there! I get all teared up reading your blogs because I can just hear your excitement and the difference you are making for those little kids over there. We really have to appreciate our lives, even the little things like having a clean toliet. I don't know what I would do if a lizard came to visit me while I was peeing...:) I know you are getting a little homesick but soak up every last minute! We miss you and will see you on Monday:) I really envy you - give a little kid a hug from me! I will get there someday too
    Much love,