Friday, February 26, 2010

Goodmorning Americans!
It is SAturday...we leave here tomorrow to begin our journey home....YIPEE!!!

Yesterday was more time at the clinic. I spent some time with Auntie Betty in the donation room
also. This is where the children come when they need shoes, clothes etc. I had a look at their choices
of items to wear. Not so good compared to our standards.

When I went back to the guest house it was still pouring rain. On the sidewalk sitting out of the rain
was a young girl. I smiled and went about my business for a while. After an hour or so I was worried that she needed something so took her to the kitchen and had one of the ladies ask her if
everything was ok. She was trying to stay out of the rain before she walked home to a small
village about 20 min away. She had no shoes, was drenched and had these eyes that called to me!
About an hour later with new RED soccer shoes, my red fleece that Monica gave me, a quilt I had
brought from a 2nd hand store, & my tiny pillow we began walking towards her home.
I found out her father is dead, she has a brother name John and she lives with her auntie that is 56 years old...HER NAME IS SARAH! She kept getting on her knees and thanking us for what we could provide. I fell in Love Love love....I have been meeting so many children and looking for a connection with one that I could carry on. I truly believe God put her in my path.
Today I am going to her home and I plan to sponsor her as she continues to come here to New Hope for school. What a gift I have been given! She speaks and writes good english so this should be
really wonderful.
I can't wait to hug my friends and family.xxxxooo
Thank you for the messages you have sent me on this blog and email.
They have meant the world.
Lots of Love

Here in New Hope if you are a woman of MY AGE ...grandma age! You are called a JA JA
yea, I have had a wonderful experience being JA JA Sue

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  1. Your trip has sounded so wonderful Mom! So glad that you went!!!! Cant wait to see you Monday, get some sleep on the plane so that you have enough energy to tell me stories of your adventure! Happy and Safe travels home, Love you and miss you!