Friday, February 19, 2010

Fri 19th

Hi Gang
We just finished 3 days of providing medical services to 2 tiny primitive villages. It has been totally humbling in every way. We had all ages sitting & waiting /200 people
TONS OF MALARIA and all kinds of other stuff.
I collected the blood samples and did the easy malaria testing! We had stations set up for the
Dr & 2 nurses. I will have to send you pics and more tomorrow if I can get on a computer.
We drove all day to the New Hope Orphanage and will now begin doing things here. I am going
to the hospital and work a bit.
People are waiting in line to use computer.
I love You
Hi Mikayla & Casey


  1. Go Madre!! So glad that you are there and doing this! We miss you and cant wait to hear all about your adventures!
    Love you lots!

  2. Wow Mom it's sound incredible!!!! Things are good here at home, it's been clear blue skies so I've been taking Ellie with me every chance I get!!! She was REALLY pooped yesterday cause Kaylynn and I hiked for 7.5 hours!!!! Mikayla misses you a TON and is counting down the days till you get home!! I even had to give her "nonee snuggles" all night last night!!! We can't wait to hear more and see all your pictures!! WE LOVE YOU TONS!!!!!!!!! XXXXXOOOOO

  3. That sounds amazing!I am glad you got to do this and we are all eagerly waiting your next message. Be careful out there...lots of love
    The Lab Girls

  4. My dear friend. I get teary every time I hear from, amazement, and so very proud of you. Hope your body holds up! Sounds like you are working so very hard.
    God's strength and grace to you....