Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday New Hope Childrens Center

Ok...Hi All
I actually have gotten on the computer within 5 min...the connection here is lousey and when you have 3 people waiting it's even hard to think. There isn't enough power to send my pictures and I am sorry about that. The things I have been seeing and experiencing have been so incredible.
Here is something I haven't told you. We saw about 700 people total in the 3 days we were in the tiny villages. The first outreach was held in the center of the TINY village. One shop where you could buy a warm coke, posho, beans and peanuts. It was the size of a TINY bedroom.
I will tell you the warm coke was great and the peanuts too.
We had a very old woman and man drunk and raising a big rukus while the crowd was patiently
waiting. We had so many sick babies. Adult with terrible illnesses that they have had for years.
The third day we traveled ( I rode on top of the big jeep holding onto the luggage rack) to a village and saw the people in the school. The windows have bars on them and we had kids watching us all day long. We went outside and played with the kids. I gave out stickers to those who could name the item in English! They are tested in english but have NO ENGLISH school books....actually no SCHOOL BOOKS at all. They were the poorest of the poor., now that I am in Kasana I have been looking around thinking and wondering if I might
find a place to spend more time. I would love to come back for 3 months if I can be used in the remote places and know that I am really making a difference.
Tonight we all split up and went to a different family unit to visit. It was loads of fun as they taught us some games and we taught them a couple songs and games as well. Lots of laughing and we all danced as the kids played the drums. The children were trying to teach us to dance with rhythm- ha ha
One of the young boys had traveled with us and had been working with Dr. Steve doing the interpretting and so I was with his family. He is 18 and I keep telling him I LOVE YOU NATE
and by the time we left his whole unit was saying it and it was fun!

Tomorrow we have church and then I am walking to the village close by that has a hospital that I hear I can work in. I plan to spend a couple days there next week and also a couple days working the Roger (the onsite nurse) here at the center. Roger has escaped from the CONGO.
He has been here for 9 years. The day the killing happened in the congo he was at work in the hospital. The soldiers came in and killed all the patients, physicians etc. He climbed up into the attic and stayed there for 4 days. He is married to a wonderful young woman and has 2 little kids! I went to their home this morning and surprised his daughter with one of the cute quilts that you sent Mom! The little girl was thrilled.
Pictures will have to wait till I get home.
Mon/Tues we are off to see elephants, lions and alligators!
The rest of the week back here helping.
Oh I forgot to tell you a story.
After the 2nd day of working in the first tiny village doing the medical stuff I asked if anyone would like to walk home with me. The darling 18 yr old blonde, Kalee accepted. Now, I need to tell you. One of the men had told all that he would sell all his cows if she would come with him!
Everyone was ga ga over her.
so we take off walking and go about 50 min and realize that we are lost. We have one hour till it gets dark and know we need to get to safety. We met women and children and asked them to help us but they just smiled. Our plan is to make it back to the village and just be out of the bush so we aren't targets. I am visualizing how I will need to protect her. Who is going to go after a the old woman?
Meanwhile our team realized we are lost and find locals to help find us. A man shows up on a scooter and ah ha...he is our friend! We have to both get behind him and hold on side saddle over all the ruts and bumps. It was a hoot and I will tell you I was very grateful to him.
Today I took off with a gal I met and was late for dinner. Tomorrow I better try hard to behave.! Being here at this center is alittle confining. Lots of rules and I don't think I could stay here and not have my rebellious side stay under control!
Another young gal went with us on the medical outreach. I went to meet her Grandma and see her hut last night. I surprised her! Found my way in the dark! Her Grandmother and I had quite a talk. She asked me about my feelings of homosexuals. The government here is trying to pass a law that if someone is gay they are to be killed. Grandma Betty is horrified with that but there are many others who are not.
We have been reading together a book that I would encourage you to purchase and slowly read. It is pretty challenging. It is called CRAZY LOVE by Francis Chan. Talk about looking at what kind of christian we we live our lives....

Love to All of You

Robbie Schene- I am SO SORRY about your friend. A big hug.


  1. Mom,
    What an exciting adventure. I love hearing and imagining what you are doing and what things look like there. It sounds deeply moving, humbling and inspiring. You are an inspiration! So glad you are doing what your heart is speaking. Sing your song Mom! And thanks for your thoughts. Went to his memorial today, really sad, also humbling and getting me in touch with the preciousness of life and being a fragile human. Love to you Mom xoxoxo

  2. Hi Sue,
    I am missing you, but so enjoying your descriptions and detail. What an amazing experience. Hope you are well. don't get into too much trouble.

    Love, Erika

  3. Hi Sue,
    Your stories are a wonderful and sad adventure. I am so proud of you! You are an amazing women to enrich other lives along with your own. Sending you lots of love.............Cici

  4. You go Mom!!!!!!! Sounds so awesome!! After i talked to you the other night i was laying in bed thinking about what i could do if i went over there to help!! Maybe i should learn how to work with african hair!!!!! Love your stories and can't wait to see all of your pictures!! And please stop getting lost.....geeezzzzzzz!!!!!!! Love you tons!! xxxxooooo

  5. Mom-
    It was so great to hear your cheerful voice the other night, we are soo glad you are having a great time. LIke Julie says...please try and not to get too lost again! Every adventure with you is an ADVENTURE!! But thats why we love you! Cant wait to see you when you get into seattle! Have a great time on your safari, and keep doing good deeds and soaking it all in! Love you lots and we miss you!

  6. Thanks Sister, you're making a difference and we're so proud!!

    "We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily differences we can make which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee."(Marian Wright Edelman)

  7. I'm still laughing thinking of you holding onto that luggage rack! :) I know you'd have me up there with you if I would have gone. What a sight!!
    Sounds like some really awesome adventures and work you're doing. So wonderful and worthwhile.
    I think Rob's quote from Marian Wright Edelman was right on. It all adds up when a person does for others no matter the circumstances.
    Be careful...and try to keep that wild Hardesty side in check!!

  8. Hi Sue, what fun reading your e-mails. I'm thinking you need on you one of those child leashes we had in the olden days. Isn't that just like you! So glad your having such a time.
    We miss you at work. It has been busy in the mornings. The weather is beautiful here.
    We all miss you much.